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Be A Smart Shopper!

Turn a visit to your local Fry's Food Store® into a hands-on educational adventure.  

This Field Trip reinforces lessons on nutrition, consumer education and overall wellness.

Content includes building healthy habits, understanding portion size, making balanced meal choices and the benefits of staying active. 

The Be A Smart Shopper! program opens the doors of your neighborhood Fry's Food Store® to teach valuable lessons on healthy eating. The Field Trips are reviewed by dietitians and Field Trip Factory's expert educators.

Field Trips create lasting memories and touch lives long after the trip is over. 

Content Highlights

  • Nutrition: Understand MyPlate and how we eat a rainbow of produce
  • Economics: Learn the value of seasonality
  • Engineering: Know where the products we eat come from - Farm to Table
  • Physical Fitness: Reinforce the importance of a healthy lifestyle